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The Rocket Dog Story

Santa Monica Sands

There’s nowhere quite like California.

The cliff-lined beaches, mountain trails, and breezy boardwalks; the year-round sunshine that inspires endless adventures and a unique, life’s-for-living attitude. And, of course, the casual-chic style that defines our look. It’s why we created Rocket Dog.

Staying true to
our roots

Since 1997, we’ve made women’s shoes that radiate our State’s versatile and diverse way of life, from our sneakers, boots and casuals right through to our sandals and laid-back Rocket Dog flip-flops.

Always iconic, always memorable

By fusing all-day comfort with distinctive style, we bring you truly memorable Rocket Dog classics, including our iconic Jazzin and Cheery sneakers, our Spotlight, Sunset and Diver flip-flops, and more.

As individual as the Rocket Dog girl

By taking global trends and making them our own, we can inject refreshing individuality into all our shoes, while staying directly on the pulse – in a laid-back, Rocket Dog kinda way.

This lust for life and relaxed attitude has been there from Rocket Dog’s very beginning, and continues to set us apart as a happy-go-lucky, go-get-em’ brand.